Pondicherry Hotels

Unwind And Feel The Serenity By Staying In The Heavenly Pondicherry Hotels!
16.09.2013 17:02

An ideal place to take the pace of life down by a few notches, Pondicherry is a quite little hamlet on the southern coast. Endless stretches of   virgin beaches, backwaters and colonial heritage buildings provide an exciting mix that draw tourists from all over the country. The Pondicherry Hotels and a surprising array of restaurants serving a melange of cosines is another highlight of Pondicherry. This place has a unique ambiance found nowhere in India. In fact a feeling of distinct spiritual aura blending perfectly with the French colonial heritage can be experienced nowhere other than Pondicherry.

Pondicherry Hotels: A platform of Delights in Store!

To the delight of the tourists visiting this fabulous place there are a wide range of Pondicherry hotels. Some of them are Upmarket Hotels, Beach Resorts, Heritage Hotels and Home stays. Hotels like the Accord Puducherry and Anandha Inn are on the higher end of the price rug whereas there are hotels like Annai Residence and Aravind Auro Guest House which are moderately priced. People who are fond of the beach can opt for The Ashok Beach Resort as well. This hotel is situated in the serine environment of the Kalapet beach. Guests in this hotel can soak in the sunshine as well as feel the fresh air and relax because it has the beach on one side and lush greenery on the other. The service here is exemplary, apart from the basic services like internet, travel desk, wheelchair access, transportation, banquet facility. They also offer a verity of indoor and outdoor games. In every sense these hotels in Pondicherry give you a sensual delight, so pack up and get in here as fast as possible!


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