Pondicherry Hotels

Pondicherry Hotels: Experience the Novelty of French Culture!
16.10.2013 11:13
Pristine beaches, reminiscent of French colonial rule and the culture, Pondicherry owes the legacy of a prime tourist spot in Indian Union. Popularly known as Pondy, the town is a destination for those who want to enjoy a fun filled holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Apart from the pleasant atmosphere and natural beauty, superb cuisines and cheap beer attracts many travellers to this excellent tourist spot. Pondicherry Hotels are a wonderful tourist accommodation rendering palatable food, cosy rooms and hospitable services.
Pondicherry Hotels: A Great Way To Enjoy Your Weekend!
Pondicherry Executive Inn is the hotel located in the elegant white town of Pondicherry and promises homely comfort. There is not only a spacious living space but also a lot of pampering to look forward to. The Hotel Lotus Comfort has efficient and friendly staff offering heart warming hospitality and a courteous service. The hotel is perfect for business and leisure guests and the hotel is furnished to modern tastes and the well-equipped rooms have luxurious facilities.
Le Royal Park is ideally located amidst the centre if the city and is strategically located close to the beach, business and commercial areas. Pondicherry is indeed one of the best holiday destinations in India with all the exciting ingredients to make your vacation a fun-filled and an unforgettable one! Book your rooms immediately in Pondicherry Hotels and have fun in the sun with your family and friends this summer!


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