Pondicherry Hotels

A Contemporary Mix Of Culture And Modernity At Hotels In Pondicherry!
Pristine beaches, holy shrines and French cultural beauty makes Pondicherry an interesting destination for travelers and visitors from all over the world. Tourists throng this city not only for a fun filled holiday but also for a spiritual quest as the main tourist attraction is Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Hotels in Pondicherry understand your necessity and provide you the best of the facilities for a soothing stay!
Attractive and Affordable Stay at Pondicherry Hotels!
Domestic visitors and foreign tourists frequently visit this place for the neat and tidy beaches. Hence the hotels cater to different classes of guests and welcome them with open arms with their hospitality and heed. Villa Shanti, Maison Perumal and Pondicherry Executive Inn are few of the excellent hotels which provide good value for your money. Villa Shanti has well decked and spacious suites built in contemporary style. A French house is restored into a wonderful hotel with many facilities. The rooms are crafted to the needs of the visitors. Patio restaurants with quality food and a great ambience make this an ideal place for romantic hangouts. 
The life at Maison Perumal is a combination of west and East! This heritage hotel is built with a mix of south Indian and French architecture providing you a peppy ambience. The ambience of an old Tamil house is so well maintained that it takes you to the bygone era. This fresh mix of old cultures has its Midas touch even in the delicious food they provide in their restaurant. Book your rooms at the hotels in Pondicherry and enjoy the finest streaks of cross cultures!
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