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Enjoy Classic Beauty at Bay of Bengal with Pondicherry Packages
14.09.2013 11:11
Approximately 160 km from Chennai if you follow the beautiful east coast road of Tamil Nadu, you can reach Pondicherry on the Coromandel Coast. Pondicherry packages are the favorite choice of beauty and culture seekers. Pondicherry has the Bay of Bengal to its east and the rest of the three sides are covered with the South Arcot region of Tamil Nadu. Lately, Pondicherry is a favorite tourist destination for a large number of domestic and international travelers. The major tourist attractions in Pondicherry are: 
Arikamedhu: A favorite spot of historians and students. Located about 20 km from the city, Arikamedhu has some remnants from the ancient culture of this place and the fresh diggings have shown some Roman currency, wine pots and other remnants of the past, which reiterates the fact that Arikamedhu was an Indo - Roman trading center in olden times.
Bharati Museum: The residence of the famous Tamil poet, Subramaniya Bharati, located at the Easwaran Dharmaja Koil road is being converted into a beautiful cultural and art museum, which attracts a large number of visitors to this place.
Bharatidasan Museum: Another famous Tamil poet Kanaksubburatnam, who made his writings under the pen name of Bharatidasan, has the same pinnacle in poetry as of Subramaniya Bharati. His residence at the Perumal Koil road is being transformed into this famous museum.
Other attractions of Pondicherry packages include the boat house, botanical garden, government square, Pondicherry museum, Promenade, Raj Niwas, Shri Aurobindo Ashram, and more. An amazing seaside life can also be enjoyed at the Pondicherry beaches as well you will get to enjoy a mixed culture and warm hospitality of the local people at Pondicherry.


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