Pondicherry Hotels

Enjoy Being in the Place of Exceptional Beauty with Pondicherry Packages

Give your clock a break while you enjoy the beauty spots of this rich cosmopolitan city – Pondicherry by choosing special Pondicherry packages. Pondicherry is now named as Puducherry. Some of the attractions that exist in this Union territory of India are museums, a whole bunch of technically carved temples, and beaches. It is a place where the entire town is sectioned into French and Tamil. Some of the greenery beds like Botanical gardens and Bharathi Park welcome international tourists with gravel lined paths, finely trimmed pruned trees and fountains. In the weekend, musical fountain shows attract more traffic to the park compared to other days of the week.

Pondicherry is a small place with wide spread of French colony. It is the best experience for you if you explore the city on foot. It is a hometown for many of the rich monuments and heritage buildings. Museum in Pondicherry is an eye candy for those who have soft corner for arts and sculptures. They can treasure wholesome knowledge on glimpses of art and culture, and a few specimens of Chola’s, Vijayanagar and Pallava arts. At Pondicherry museum houses, you can see some of the artistic collections of the sculpture. Some of the preserved arts displayed here are found at the times of excavations. They reflect the past history of Pondicherry at the times of Greco – Roman era. Churches that exist here are very beautiful. Churches are sketched with the events of Christ life. By including these places of interest in your Pondicherry packages, feel the city that has a dual personality.

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