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Pondicherry Packages for an Exciting Trip
22.07.2013 13:58

Pondicherry, the charming Union Territory is popular for its diverse culture. A blend of British, French and Indian culture makes the place unique and attractive. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which is famous for the natural beaches and the ancient churches. Pondicherry packages offer a great journey for the visitors. You can combine the trip along with other beautiful cities of Tamil Nadu like Chennai, Madurai and Tanjore.

The online travel operators are at your service and you can access any of the relevant websites and search for a suitable package. You can choose long duration of stay for having a better experience of the exciting locations. Packages are available for weekends, four nights and five days or even for a week. You can set the preferences as the category of hotel, type of room, vehicle required for local trips, and so on.

The packages will include hotel accommodation, transfer from/to the airport, railway station, or bus station in a preferred vehicle, complimentary breakfast and local sightseeing trips .Some of the major attractions in Pondicherry are the Auroville City, Aurobindo Ashram and Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pondicherry packages can take you through the places that belong to the glorious history, which are worth a visit. Some of the places include the Pondicherry Museum, Jawahar Toy Museum and the Statue of Dupleix.

The beach lovers can have ultimate fun at the lovely Pondicherry Beach. The beach offers all the fun and relaxation required for a perfect vacation.


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