Pondicherry Hotels

Pondicherry Hotels: The Happy Blend Of The French And The Indian Cultures!
22.07.2013 16:59

Relaxing gloriously on the warm eastern sea coast of South India, the town of Pondicherry, now identified as Puducherry, flaunts a quaint and charming blend of the Indian and French cultures. The long stretches of sandy palm-fringed beaches, antiquated fishing villages, the serene backwaters, the splendid beach resorts, the International City of Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram make the town a mythical wonder. With the delicate interlacing of natural beauty and mystic charm, the place has a charisma that is hard to explain. The Pondicherry Hotels effectively do their part in adding to the magical appeal of this picturesque town.

Pondicherry Hotels: Beacons on the Shoreline!

Dappled across ‘Pondy’ are a wide array of resorts and hotels that rise up to meet the interminable demands of both national and international tourists who keep flooding the town throughout the year. The most popular Pondicherry Hotels and resorts are The Promenade Hotel, Le Dupleix, De L’Orient Hotel and Hotel Sooriya Heritage Inn. Accord Puducherry, a hotel that hosts both business travellers and vacationers, is certainly one of its kinds. The fine and intricate interior decoration, the majestic structure and the soothing ambience make one’s stay there memorable and worthwhile.

With the awe-inspiring beach on one side and plush greenery on the other, the Ashok Beach Resort pampers its guests with extravagant food and exemplary services. Along with the wide range of amenities, the hotel also offers conference facilities with audio-visual equipment that make it possible for corporates to conduct business meetings and organize professional programs.


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