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Pondicherry Holiday Packages – A Holy Land
28.12.2013 17:13

Pondicherry is a must on the tour schedule of the people touring the southern part of India. The city of Pondicherry was once a French colony. There is a marked effect of the French presence all over the city. Sri Aurobindo a noted philosopher, yogi and freedom-fighter had chosen this place to set up his ashram. Pondicherry has become synonymous to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. There are other places of interest as well. The Pondicherry holiday packages stimulate the growth of the tourism of this place.


The noted places of interest in this holy city of the south are the following –


Sri Aurobindo Ashram – The most important destination of Pondicherry. It gives the people a serene and calm location, where they can meditate and calm down their minds.


Auroville – This Township was founded by the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Richard. She was also known as The Mother. The motive behind this Township is to promote human unity.


Gandhi Statue – It is a noted place of interest attracting a lot of tourists.


French War memorial – This was built in memory of the French soldiers who died in the First World War.


Tourism is a very important industry of this place. The Pondicherry holiday packages give a boost in that regard by keeping in mind the special needs of the people. There are special packages for senior citizens visiting this place as they constitute a major part of the tourists. The foreigners are also given customised packages as they flock this place to gain spiritual enlightenment.


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