Pondicherry Hotels

Enjoy Blissful Holidays By Ocean Spray Pondicherry Booking!
19.12.2013 13:51

How would you like to enjoy your vacations wisely at a place free from the hustle and bustle of your busy place? If so then Pondicherry is the place for you. Its scenic beauty will make your heart skip a beat and make you forget everything! The French touch in its magnificent history leads to remarkable features of spectacular abodes at Pondicherry. Pondicherry, often referred by its nick name “Pondy” which means a feeling of belonging of coming home, is also known as "The French Riviera of the East".

With its ancient heritage establishments, tree-lined avenues, stretches of unspoiled white-sand beaches to explore, Pondicherry welcomes its guest with the best abode it can offer. Ocean Spray Pondicherry booking will ensure that you enjoy your holidays in style without any hassles. One of a kind, Ocean spray encompasses a manmade lake that extends over 5 acres. Perfect eye-soothing lavish and luxuriant view, breathtaking natural sites are the main attraction that will lead you in the lap of Ocean Spray.

Endowed with magnificent rooms and villa, Ocean Spray gives your life a touch of style and a feeling of royalty.  Having 72 rooms in all with 28 villas, 4 luxury villas and 2 royal villas, it has all modern room amenities. Some of the notable facilities are Wi-Fi, open to sky Jacuzzi, floating restaurant, 24 hours open tea lounge for tea lovers, bar, conference hall, florist, valet services, baby sitting and doctor on call facility. There is no doubt that it provides peace and pleasure along with rest and relaxation. So what are you waiting for?  Make Ocean Spray Pondicherry booking and leave the world behind!


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