Pondicherry Hotels

Pondicherry Hotels: Little Paradise
28.06.2013 11:43

Whether it is a honeymoon, a vacation with family, business tour or a get away with friends, Pondicherry provides the perfect retreat for vacationers of all age groups. The Pondicherry hotels offer a perfect blend of unmatched hospitality and a fine dining experience. Pondicherry is one of the best holiday destinations in India and is visited by a multitude of tourists every year. Situated in a vast expanse of untainted greenery, free flowing rivers and the wide open sky, Pondicherry is a splendid haven for tourists. Its main tourist attractions include the Pondicherry Museum and the Botanical Garden.

Pondicherry hotels offer comfort to their clientele. The ‘Accord Puducherry’ has spacious and simply designed rooms and ensures its patrons enjoy its homely comforts. This is a beautiful hotel that is contemporarily designed and offers modern amenities to extend comfortable accommodation to guests. The Pondicherry beach is a stone’s throw away from this property. Another exquisite hotel is the ‘Anandha Inn’, located on S V Patel Road in Pondicherry. With its awe-inspiring interiors and intricate designed furniture, the resort offers a paradisiacal experience. Other fringes offered at this hotel are a Jacuzzi, sauna, massages and steam baths to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

The ‘Ashok Resort’ is further away from the city and located along the Kalapet Beach. This resort is close to the famous Auroville Beach. If you are looking to sunbathe and enjoy the fresh sea breeze this place is a must visit. Over time, Pondicherry hotels have continued enthralling numerous tourists around the globe with their hospitality and style.


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