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Ocean Spray Pondicherry- A Luxurious Hotel
22.11.2013 16:39

Located at a distance of just 500 meters from the Gangai Nagar Bus Stop, the Ocean Spray Pondicherry is a hotel which gives its guests the fullest scope of leisure and amusement. Standing amidst vivid lush greens of coconut trees, Ocean Spray is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The man-made azure blue lake flows calmly across the hotel that sets a cool breeze in the atmosphere during evening hours. The aristocratic hotel has number of rooms, luxury villas and royal villas. One can choose any one of these grand rooms to have a quality time within self or with family.

The resort offers its guests with conference rooms, board rooms, banquets, swimming pools, mid bay amphitheatre, island pool and lagoons. With a range of multi-cuisine restaurants that include Thai, Continental, Indian, Spanish, Mexican, French and other variety of lip smacking dishes, the Ocean Spray Pondicherry is unique in itself. Lotosas is an on-site restaurant in the resort that serves hot and grilled Tandoor delicacies to the guests. Coffee shops and tea lounge are there to give a retreat. Pool side bar serves a range of exotic drinks and wines of fine quality. Attached discotheque creates that perfect ambience of fun and amusements for the guests.

The Ocean Spray Resort is present at a distance of 18 kilometers from the Pondicherry city railway station. People find this hotel highly luxurious and the gratifying hospitality of the staff members is truly heart touching. Therefore on your next visit to Pondicherry don’t miss out a chance to enjoy your stay in this luxury resort.


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